Brooklyn Miracle Temple Inc.


Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and Castellana Foundation along with Western Beef are please to support the Brooklyn Miracle Temple Inc. The  Brooklyn Miracle Temple is a  local church located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Annually they collaborate with community resources to serve, empower and strengthen our community by touching the lives of people various levels. Every year for the past several years we host a Community Health and Wellness Fair on the Last Saturday in June. At this event we have health screenings, sign ups for neighborhood programs, games and activities. Also providing everyone with food and drinks as well. Our event is a way to offer the neighborhood services that will enhance each families physical emotional and spiritual well-being. As a result of the community event, people will have access to medical health insurance, free mammograms free blood pressure/ cholesterol,diabetes screenings, free dental check up for children, access to housing court lawyers, SNAP Benefits sin up and other community resources. Ckhgvkj.PNG

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