The De La Salle School.


CapturezxcdzxfdsPeter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef are pleased to donate $10,000 to The De La Salle School. The De La Salle School is a non-tuition  driven  catholic middle school in Lasallian, tradition for economically disadvantage boys. Most of the students at this school is immigrant or sons of immigrants. More than 77% of the boy students are below poverty line, and most of them come from single parent homes in failing school district. The Mission is to nurture students growth, academically, spiritually, and physically, in collaboration with their parents or guardians. Emphasizing respect responsibility, leadership and service. Preparing these young men to be caring citizens of the world. This 10,000 Donation will help prepare for The De La Salle Spring Gala ” Tapping our Potential”. At the 15th Annual Gala the Honoring of Joan Hope MacNaughton, a long-time volunteer for The De  La Salle School. She is the dedicated chair for the Fall/Christmas Fundraising Luncheon and has helped grow that event from 50 guest to more than 300 at our last event. fjfhblthe de la salle school.PNG


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